Thank You for Joining

Welcome to Island Gym. We appreciate your decision in joining our clubs. Please let us help you succeed with your goals. We understand the challenges individuals face when deciding to start working out. For the majority, simply the question of how to exercise is the most common, for others, finding the time to workout can become the biggest obstacle. At Island Gym, we understand these questions and challenges and will dedicate all our resources to help you lose weight and reach your goals. Here at Island Gym, you will have a great time working out with friends, while getting in the best shape of your life.

What should you do first?

1st, Congratulate yourself!

2nd, If you enrolled online, ask the front desk for a new member key tag. Notify them you signed up online

3rd, Set up your MyiClub account online to help manage your account

4th, That's it, Now get out there and be amazing! Oh yeah, have fun too.

Things to Remember…

  • Set up your MyiClub Online Account to manage your membership account
  • Make sure we have your email address for club notices and promotions
  • Like us on Facebook for daily club bulletins and fitness tips
  • View our videos on YouTube to watch the clubs in action
  • Try a group fitness class for a great time
  • Try FITx and learn about Real FITness and functional training
  • Vote for your favorite music videos on ClubCom
  • Energize or rejuvenate with a City Blends protein smoothie
  • Relax and get a tan conveniently hear at the club
  • If you need help, don’t forget to ask
  • If you have an issue, we want to know
  • If you are happy, tell your friends and get great member rewards