More About Memberships

Advantage Membership

The Island Gym Advantage membership is our most popular and lowest cost membership package. It includes unrestricted access to all four Island Gym facilities and every perk associated with being a preferred member. Island Gym is proud to provide its Advantage members with accommodations and services unmatched by any other health club in the area. Our Advantage plan is most popular because of: 1) The lowest membership rate in town, 2) No start-up or enrollment fees, 3) Fixed membership rate for life, 4) Access to all clubs, 5) EFT/Autopay convenience, and more.

Fixed Rate / Open Renewal

The Fixed Rate / Open Renewal option, included with the Advantage membership, is one great reason to become a member. Each advantage member receives a fixed rate membership for life, a non-expiring membership, all while enjoying the convenience of accurate billing through our EFT/Autopay program. Under the terms of the open renewal option, the responsible "paying" member is obligated for the entire initial term of the contract. Upon expiration of the initial term, the contract and billing will continue at the same fixed rate and by the same method (EFT) as per the initial contract and term. Members enrolled in this program receive a fixed membership rate for life as long as they remain an active member, continue to pay their membership dues on time, and do not apply for cancellation of the agreement.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Autopay Program

The EFT/Autopay program has become the health club industry standard for conveniently and accurately collecting membership dues. As an added benefit of becoming an Island Gym EFT enrolled member, the open renewal and fixed rate options are usually included. Island Gym has formed an alliance with ABC Financial Services for all club management software and billing support services. They are largest and most recognized name in the health club industry. ABS provides us advanced billing support and state-of-the-art online member services. Together we can provide you the highest level of customer service regarding your account. Under the terms of the EFT/Autopay program, your membership dues will be drafted directly from your checking account or credit card. Members enjoy the freedom of not having to carry cash into the facility and are normally never questioned about dues owed at check-in. Island Gym prides itself in the ability to provide its members the highest level of sophistication and professionalism with regards to electronic billing. We provide our members with 24-hour member services support and even the ability to view and manage your account online.

Convenient EFT/AutoPay and On-Account Charge Privileges

Being an Island Gym Advantage member provides you the convenience of paying your membership dues electronically. Never again have the need to carry cash into the gym and never again get stopped at the front counter because your membership is overdue. Our EFT/AutoPay program is secure and convenient and will ensure your account never becomes delinquent.

Another benefit of being enrolled in our EFT/AutoPay program is having your membership rate fixed for life. Your membership rate will never increase as long as you remain an active member and your EFT information does not become invalid or expired. As an added convenience, Island Gym will allow approved advantage members, with current EFT information, to place on account charges. Simply purchase drinks, shakes, or almost anything, and place the charge on your account. We will conveniently charge your credit card or checking account at the time of sale or next billing period.

To see charges and payments on your membership account, please visit the Island Gym website. Every Island Gym member has online access to their membership records, check-in history, and charges. Simply go to and click on "My Account Online.”

Standard Memberships

Standard memberships are convenient plans designed for individuals that do not require a long-term agreement. Although convenient, these memberships are close ended and do not include all the perks and privileges of the Advantage Membership. Standard memberships are all paid in full at sign up, and members are subject to any rate increases, if applicable, at renewal. Standard memberships are also slightly more expensive than the Advantage plan and do not allow for access to all four Island Gym health clubs.