10 More Reasons to Join

Reason 1

Island Gym has exactly what you're looking for.

You will absolutely love Island Gym. We're your “All-in-One” fitness, training, and weight loss center. Besides providing the absolute best in fitness equipment and group fitness classes, we offer the best personal training, functional training areas, nutrition, sports supplements, and more, much more. Island Gym has everything you need to tone, trim, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life, guaranteed!

Reason 2

Get in great shape faster at Island Gym guaranteed.

The secret to losing weight, toning, or any fitness goal is finding a comfortable place to work out and a fitness routine you like. If you love what you're doing and where you work out, you will exercise more often. If you exercise more often you will see the best results in the shortest possible time.  We truly believe you will love Island Gym, the members, staff, and atmosphere. It's a combination of all these factors why more people have preferred Island Gym over every other fitness center in South Jersey. Our members see results and exercise more often because they love coming everyday.

Reason 3

Island Gym is the most convenient gym on the Island.

Located in the Ventnor Shopping Plaza, Island Gym is sure to be close to either your home or work. Even better, you'll have access to Island Gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reason 4

Island Gym gives you more with your membership than any other gym.

Island Gym’s Advantage membership costs less than $1 per day and offers more than any other health club in South Jersey. Go ahead and compare the competition. Unless you need a pool, why spend more? Island Gym’s one-low rate includes free group fitness classes, 24-Hour Access, and the largest selection of strength and cardio equipment anywhere in South Jersey. Don't compromise! Island Gym is sure to have exactly what you want for a price you’ll love.

Reason 5

Need Help? Island Gym offers free fitness coaching. Yes, free!

Most gyms will sign you up and leave you to figure it all out on your own. Not at Island Gym! We offer Fitness Coaching for every member. This is a free service provided by our trainers who are scheduled throughout the day. Ask anything; help with how to use the treadmills and equipment, or advice about basic workouts and nutrition. This is not training and there is nothing to purchase. Fitness coaching will show you everything the club has to offer free of charge.

Reason 6

Island Gym is best known for thier no-hassle membership agreements.

We’ve made canceling your contract even easier than signing up. No sales pitch or complicated process involved. If you're finished your membership term, simply go online and fill out our quick cancellation form. We won’t ask why. We’ll cancel your membership and stop your billing within 15 days. We understand life happens. We believe if we make it easy for you to cancel, you'll feel more comfortable and return as a member when you’re ready.

Reason 7

Island Gym has the lowest price personal training.

Personal training shouldn't be expensive. Because studies have shown personal training will get you the results you want faster, we've made it affordable for everyone. We're less expensive than every other gym or studio offering training between $25 and $50 per session. Our personal training program has more success stories and happy return customers than any other fitness center anywhere.

Reason 8

Island Gym has the best and largest selection of fitness equipment anywhere.

Island Gym has the largest and best selection of the most advanced fitness equipment compared to any other gym in South Jersey. We offer hundreds of pieces of equipment from the best equipment manufacturers in the industry. Island Gym may not be the biggest gym, but what’s inside is the best that money can buy. See for yourself why everyone loves training at Island Gym.

Reason 9

You'll love Island Gym's fun group fitness classes.

Island Gym group fitness classes are nationally recognized as the best in the fitness industry. Taught by awesome and motivating instructors, Group Power, Barre, Zumba, and Yoga are just some of the most popular classes offered. Yes, all group classes are free with membership. Try something new, and why not have a blast while getting in great shape.

Reason 10

We're local, family owned and operated.

We’re not some large franchise club that cares more about profits and treats you only as a number. We're local taking care of locals. We grew up here and love serving our community. We truly care about every member experience and will treat you as if you were in our own home. We vow to work hard each and every day to make you proud of Island Gym and strive to keep our promise in helping you reach your fitness goals.