Why Join Island Gym?

Joining a gym should not be complicated.

We understand finding the time and courage is hard enough. Deciding to join the right gym involves more than just finding the lowest price, it is about finding a club that fits your needs. At Island Gym, we appreciate and feel privileged every time someone decides to join our clubs. We hope this information plus the "10 Reasons to Join" page assists in your decision in becoming a member. Thank you again for considering us. We hope to see you at the club soon.

We offer so many options.

No one knows your schedule or lifestyle better than you. At Island Gym we offer multiple membership options to fit your schedule and budget best. We offer the best selection of membership plans in the area ranging from convenient one-month plans to annual 12-month plans that save you the most money. You're sure to find the perfect membership that is both convenient and affordable. And don't worry, both signing up and canceling is easy and painless; No sales pitch, no pressure, and we never charge enrollment fees.

We're the social place to be.

Working out and getting in shape is more enjoyable when people you know exercise at the same facility. It's proven that working out with a partner will get results faster and keep you accountable. Some of your friends, family, or co-workers might already be members. Island Gym also connects everyone together with daily social media posts and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You have access to more equipment than you will ever need.

Fitness is all about finding interesting ways to keep you motivated. At Island Gym, we give you the largest selection of fitness equipment in South Jersey. You are sure to find both familiar equipment as well as new equipment introduced all the time. We purchase a few new pieces of equipment every year to add to the endless variety to keep you motivated and on track toward your fitness goals.

You will feel more comfortable and have the most fun at Island Gym.

Everyone here at Island Gym started out just like you; they signed up wondering if they would feel comfortable working out, not sure what to do, and hoping they would find it enjoyable. Well at Island Gym you will quickly find out that you fit right in and working out is not awful. Working out with friends, taking part in classes, having a City Blends shake at the counter, and even learning new workouts will make it enjoyable for sure. Come see for yourself why everyone loves Island Gym.

Being an Island Gym member simply gets results!

All of these reasons add up to a great member experience and a club that truly cares about its members getting results.

Have Questions?

Do you still have questions or need more information? Email any questions or concerns you may have to memberservices@islandgym.com.