Steps for Success

First, welcome to Island Gym!

Congratulations for taking the first and most difficult step in deciding to get in shape. At Island Gym we know you're already awesome. We are here to help look and feel just a little bit better.

We understand you have made a serious commitment, and Island Gym wants to match that commitment by providing everything you’ll need to become successful. We ultimately want you to enjoy your time with us and become confident with yourself while reaching your goals. These steps for success have been provided to help you get started, stay motivated, and keep on track. Simply follow these steps and we guarantee you will feel better about yourself, become healthier, and ultimately transform your mind and body into the best shape of your life.


Set Realistic Goals

Start by writing down three realistic improvements you would like to see as a result from your experience with Island Gym. Examples of some goals could be weight loss, more energy, better strength, improved flexibility or even stress relief. Include a specific date when you would like to accomplish each goal. Remember, goals should be accomplished over a realistic period of time. The secret to succeeding with your goals is providing yourself with every available resource to assure you are exercising properly and maintaining a healthy diet that is focused on your specific needs.


Don’t Guess What to Do!
Get a Plan and Instruction from Our Experts

Please don’t just become a member that never asks us for help. Please don’t wonder about the gym hoping to figure it out, then becoming dissatisfied. You joined Island Gym for a reason, so please let us help you look and feel great, knowing you made the right decision to join our clubs. Don’t be shy; we’re here to help with anything and everything you need. Your membership to Island Gym is more than just access to equipment and classes. We have trained staff and physician partners that can help you lose the weight, eliminate health problems, and get in great physical shape.


Success means "Trying Something New”

If you really want to reach your goals, then at some point you’re going to have to trust us. To actually lose weight correctly, and get physically fit properly, isn’t as simple as you may think. We do this for a living and even we’re learning new and more effective training techniques every day. Let us share our knowledge and experience with you by having you "try something new”.   Trying something new could be as simple as learning about FITx Training or just have a discussion with our physician partners about proper diet and weight loss. If your goals are important to you, then please share them with us. We will be glad to show you exactly how to get the job done.


Have Fun, Follow Your Instructions, Meet New Friends!

Now it’s up to you! Take what you have learned and make your health and fitness goals a reality. Remember, you can only succeed if you made your goals realistically achievable. We suggest you partner with someone with similar goals to help you through the difficult periods. Never admit defeat! If you feel dissatisfied; review your goals, revise them, making them easier to accomplish. Also, give yourself some additional time for each goal set.

Remember, no matter how long it may take, achieving even the smallest goal is still an accomplishment.

First, welcome to Island Gym!

Remember, if you are enjoying your experience at the club, and overall feel better, even proud with yourself, then you have already reached your goals by our standards.