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Any employee (you) can register a workplace.

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Registered Workplace Program:
  • Only takes 15 minutes to enroll your workplace.
  • What defines a workplace? Any group of 5 co-workers or more. A company can have multiple workplaces.
    The organizer may choose any 4 co-workers in his or her workplace.
  • Once registered, you and your co-workers can enroll for $0 first month and $0 enrollment.
  • As the organizer, your 1st 30-days if free at Island Gym. As soon as you help enroll 4 of your co-workers,
    you'll earn a free 12-month membership.
  • Yourself and co-workers may join at any time. No restrictions on when to enroll
Once registered, signing-up will cost you nothing.
$0 Enrollment and 1st Month Free


  • Advantage Member Benefits
  • 1st Month - Sign Up Cost - $0  (reg $29.99)
  • Rate: $24.99/month  (reg $29.99)
  • Enrollment Fee: $0 (reg $29.99)
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Term: 6 Months / open renewal, may cancel at 7th month
  • To qualify: workplace must have 5 or more employees
  • 1st person to register becomes the workplace organizer
Register Now! Takes 10 minutes
Receive workplace discount package next day

Island Gym is pleased to offer the registered workplace program to your company. This plan has been designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for the entire company. Statistics prove that an active employee is more productive, less likely to be absent, and will contribute more positively toward the goals of the company. Island Gym wants to help your workplace become more healthy, productive, and profitable.

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