SPIN Reservation Instructions

Step 1
Proceed to the Island Gym website
  • www.IslandGym.com
  • Click – “Member Login” to MYiClubOnline
  • Only active members can enroll for SPIN
Step 2
If you are already registered, proceed to Step 3
If not, you must register to MYiClubOnline
  • Click on “Register”
  • Enter your Agreement Number, First Name, Last Name, and Zip Code
    If you do not remember your agreement information, call ABC Financial
    or submit a request to Island Gym Member Services.
    ABC Financial – 1.888.827.9262
    Member Services: memberservices@islandgym.com
Step 3
Login onto MYiClubOnline
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • If you forgot your information, contact ABC Financial – 1.888.827.9262
Step 4
  • Select Club-Location: “Island Gym Northfield”
Step 5
  • Click on – “Classes”, then “Enroll in Classes”
Step 6
When can Members Enroll in SPIN?
  • 2 hours prior to class start. We recommend placing a link to Island Gym’s
    website conveniently on your phone. Reservations can be made up until
    class start.
Step 7
Locate the SPIN class in which you wish to enroll:
  • Scroll through to find today's SPIN class
    or online type “SPIN” in the search window
  • Classes that are eligible to enroll will have “Enroll Now” enabled
Step 8
Enroll in SPIN:
  • Click on “Enroll Now”
    The system will allow 25 reservations, plus 2 on the waitlist
    Waitlist reservations do not guarantee a bike.
Step 9
Arrive for SPIN Class 15 minutes early. Set up your bike and ENJOY!