Island Gym Northfield
801 Tilton Road, Northfield NJ 08225

Statement to Members - September 14, 2020

Dear Island Gym Members, Friends, and Family,

There is sadly no other way to put into words the reality that Island Gym Northfield has lost the battle with COVID-19. Effective today, September 14th, 2020 Island Gym Northfield has officially decided not to reopen. Believe us when we say, we had made every effort possible to negotiate with our landlord and creditors over the financial hardship placed upon us by the State of New Jersey due to the forced closure between March 16th to September 1st.  The heartache and loss we feel is incomprehensible.

Over the past 17 years, Island Gym Northfield was our second home, our safe place. No matter what was transpiring in the world, no recession, storm, or struggle could break our Island Gym Strong community.

Within these walls we’ve witnessed beautiful friendships and relationships start, we’ve watched amazing families grow, and experienced life’s ups and downs together. We’ve seen smiles passed along, hugs shared, tears shed, and most of all lives being lived while goals were attained each and every day. We hope and pray that somehow, someway we were able to affect as many lives as possible in a healthy and positive way.

While most gyms nationwide normally struggle to succeed due to the over-saturation of gyms, smaller training studios, and home fitness trends; the fight was always worth it for us. However, although we fought and rose above many years of changing economies, casino closures, new gym openings, etc. COVID-19 was one battle we could not win!

Our heart is hurt at the moment, but after all storms, there is a rainbow. Let’s all use our gift of life to focus on the good and not the bad these past few months have brought. We are still a community and will forever be family. Island Gym Northfield will always mean something to the thousands of us that called it home for almost two decades.

We might be down but by no means out. Please rest assure that Island Gym Ventnor is very much alive and kicking. Through our pain of losing Northfield, we’ve been focusing on Ventnor, upgrading equipment, repairing the cracked foundation floors, and renovating. We’re extremely excited and already receiving tremendous support for our upcoming reopening Mid-October.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the countless memories and friendships made in Island Gym Northfield. We sincerely thank the amazing staff, instructors, and trainers, for whom without them Island Gym would not be possible. I wish I could list and thank them all personally.

Of course, everyone’s membership will be valid in Ventnor for those who choose to stay. Every member, both Ventnor, and Northfield will be automatically given a free membership for the time we were closed plus a significant membership discount for the inconvenience. Who knows, maybe soon after the world finds a sense of normalcy, we can plan on bringing Island Gym back to the Northfield area. But until then, we wish everyone peace, love, and the best of health.

In the meantime, please stay happy and healthy.  If anyone has any questions or concerns, please email us at

We love and miss you already,

Island Gym, ownership, and team.