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Island Gym offers the most affordable and complete health club services for your organization.  Our corporate membership programs extend club services and amenities to your company at a very affordable cost.  The cost of which become greatly outweighed by the benefits you will receive immediately from a better, stronger, healthier staff.  Proven studies show that employees who incorporate a proper diet and fitness program into their lives become more focused, more productive, and overall contribute more valuably to the organization.

Island Gym corporate memberships are designed to involve everyone in the program.  It is statically proven that you can increase both productivity and profits by incorporating fitness into your corporate culture. For less than a dollar a day, per employee, you can provide the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle for both your staff and organization.

Our corporate membership packages can be structured for businesses of any size, and our rates and terms can be structured to accommodate your company’s specific financial requirements.  Provide your employees with the gift of health and transform your company into the best shape of its fiscal life.

Contact us today for an onsite company fitness evaluation.  In the meantime please review our corporate membership options below.


Discounted Membership Package - Paid by Employer

Save over 60% on prepaid gym memberships for your employees. Membership dues are prepaid by the employer on behalf of the employee and remitted to Island Gym.

Type: Standard
Term: 12 Months/Open
Rate: $19 per month (regular rate $29)
Enrollment Fee: $0
Annual Maintenance Fee: $0

Group Terms:

  1. 15 Prepaid Memberships required at initial enrollment
  2. Open Renewal / EFT required
  3. Add-On Memberships - No minimum required

Membership Includes:

  • 14/4 success program
  • All group fitness classes
  • Access to all (4) four clubs
  • 24 hours access to selected locations

Enrollment Terms:

  • Initial enrollment – 15 membership minimum x $228 = $3,420.00 due at signup
  • Add-on single memberships - $228 due at sign-up
  • Prepaid at enrollment
  • Open Renewal - Month to month @ $228 per month, paid by EFT
  • Subject to 7% NJ sales tax


Membership Paid by the Employee via Payroll Deduction

The employer withholds membership dues through wage deduction. Dues are remitted by the employer to Island Gym either weekly or biweekly.

Type: Advantage Plus
Terms: 12 Months
Rate: $8.41 per week
Enrollment Fee: $0
Maintenance Fee: $0

Membership Includes:

  • 14/4 success program
  • All group fitness classes
  • Access to all (4) four clubs
  • 24 hours access to selected locations
  • On-account privileges
  • Fixed membership rate for lif

Minimum Group Size: 5 active enrolled employees

Enrollment Terms:

  • 1st 8 weeks due at signup - $67.28
  • Membership dues of $8.41 per week are withheld from payroll wages
  • EFT/Autopay enrollment is required on file by employee
  • Open Renewal
  • Subject to 7% NJ sales tax
  • Member dues are remitted by employer directly to Island Gym
  • Member remains obligated for contract terms & dues in the event of employment termination
  • Member is responsible for keeping dues current during vacation, leave of absence, sickness, etc.

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Do you know the keys to the success of your business?

Questions: What is the key to the success of your business? Could your business reduce costs and increase profits?

The success of your company relies on the overall ability and performance of your employees. If you invest in your employees and contribute to their health and well-being, they will exceed your every expectation. Reduced costs and increased profits naturally become the return on your investment.


How much money are you wasting by not investing in your employees?
Would they work harder?

Would they call out less?
Would this reduce stress in the office?
Could health care costs be reduced?

"The first step is a partnership with Island Gym.”


  • Assisting your employees to become more physically active and live a healthy lifestyle will result in reduced health care costs and increase productivity.
  • Promoting a healthy work environment will improve employee awareness, work performance, and reduce overall stress in the workplace.
  • The return for contributing to the well-being of your employees will result in a more focused and appreciative workforce, promoting teamwork and increased positive employee participation.

Sponsor a corporate membership program for your employees today.