$20 OFF Horizon B-FIT Program

Now it pays to "be" FIT

Island Gym and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield "bFIT' Program.

When you exercise on a regular basis, the rewards are endless. You will be healthier, feel better, and now save on membership costs.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is making exercise more beneficial for you with the introduction of HorizonbFit, the program that pays you back when you stay on track in achieving your fitness goals!

Horizon BCBS will pay you $20 every month.

Simply checkin to the gym 12 times per month and HBCBS will deposit into your personal account $20. That means your Island Gym Advantage Plus membership will only cost you $9.99 per month.

After you enroll in HorizonbFit

Once enrolled, you'll become eligible to receive a $20 reimbursement for every month that you visit Island Gym 12 times or more. That means that you earn up to $240 a year in rewards when you exercise regularly!

The Horizon bFIT program works with ANY Island Gym membership plan.

1 Easy Step:

1. Check your eligibility and set up your account with Horizon.

Check Horizon BCBS Eligibility

That’s it. We'll do the rest!

Enrolling is free and easy to do!

Simply visit https://members.horizonbfit.com/horizonbfit to verify your eligibility, select Island Gym as your fitness facility and set up your secure account. Once your online enrollment is confirmed, you’ll start earning a $20 reward each, and every month you visit Island Gym at least 12 times.

Why is Horizon BCBSNJ offering Horizon bFIT?

Horizon BCBSNJ is committed to helping you improve your health. HorizonbFit will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle by providing incentives that make it easier, and more affordable, for you to exercise regularly. Research shows that regular physical activity can help you reduce your risk of several health diseases and conditions.



Do I need to submit any paperwork to receive my reimbursements?

No. At the end of every month, your attendance data is transmitted to your HorizonbFit account. If you have met your attendance goal, your reimbursement will be credited to your account within 60 days. You will receive an e-mail when reimbursements are issued.

What is Horizon bFIT?

HorizonbFit is a new benefit offered to select Horizon members ages 18 years or older. The program offers reimbursements of $20 per month to members who enroll and visit Island Gym at least 12 times a month. Horizon BCBSNJ is making this program available through Advanta Health Solutions, an innovative health and fitness provider that develops and manages physical activity programs to help people live healthier lives.

How is my attendance tracked at Island Gym?

Island Gym will provide you with an identification key tag that must be swiped each visit to the facility. Island Gym captures your attendance record and transmits it electronically to your HorizonbFit account at the end of each calendar month. You can track your prior month’s visits online by accessing your personal HorizonbFit account.

If you have questions about your monthly attendance

... you may call Advanta Health Solutions Customer Service toll-free at 1-855-252-6026, Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Eastern Time (ET).