14/4 Success Program

$500 in Free Services
Included with your Advantage Membership

Get Results Fast with the 14/4 "New Member” Success Program

The 14/4 Success Program is an exciting "new member” program offered only at Island Gym.  This program gives new Advantage members $500 in free products and services to get them working out, educated about fitness, and happy about their decision in joining Island Gym.

What is the 14/4 Success Program?  

14- During your first (14) fourteen days as an Advantage member, you are entitled to receive (4) four amazing Island Gym services valuing over $500.00.   

4 - These (4) services you are eligible to receive are the most important elements how to get you results fast and the most from your Island Gym Advantage membership.

What does the 14/4 Success Program Include?

  1. Free Fitness Coaching every visit during your first 14 days.  $100 value
  2. Free FITx Training during your first 14 days.  $100 value
  3. Free Guest Passes every day during your first 14 days.  $100 value
  4. Free Rx Physician Weight Loss & Nutrition Guidance.  $200 value


1. Free Fitness Coaching

  • Get help with equipment use, cardio equipment, and basic nutrition.
  • Learn about fitness, ask questions, and get answers how to get the most from your Island Gym membership.
  • Work directly with a certified Island Gym coach.
  • Let us help you "try something new" and "love working out”.

Instructions: To receive your free fitness coaching, schedule an appointment with your local Fitness Director.

Don't be shy; our fitness coaches welcome your questions and love when you approach them.  And don’t worry, this is not personal training and there is no purchase necessary.


2. Free FITx Schedule Group Training

  • FITx Training will help you lose weight – only faster.
  • FITx Training will get you tone, trim, and fit – only faster.
  • FITx Training and is the best and most effective way to work out and get real results.
    1. You must schedule an appointment with your local Fitness Director before participating in any FITx Training.
    2. You must attend a scheduled FITx orientation session with one of our certified FITx coaches.
    3. After completing your orientation, you may attend any Scheduled Group FITx session during your first 14 days.
    4. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate.


3. Free Rx Physician Weight Loss & Nutrition Guidance

  • Meet with real doctors who can give you real guidance, answers, and support.
  • Learn about proper weight loss and nutrition that is right for you, and only you.
  • Start losing unwanted weight and body fat the correct way.
  • Learn about programs that can help you lose 1 lb. per day, or up to 30 lbs. in only 30 days.
  • Meet Island Gym partners Dr. John and Jennifer Fresh.
Instructions:  During your first week, schedule an appointment with Dr. Fresh. There is no obligation or purchase necessary. They are Island Gym partners here to help. Contact Dr. Fresh today 609.926.8900.


4. Free Guest Passes Everyday

  • Yes, you can bring a friend with you every day during your first 14 days.
  • Enjoy your Island Gym experience more with a friend or workout partner.
Instructions: To receive access for your guest during your first 14 days, you must bring a copy of your original dated membership agreement with you to the gym (everyday).  Present it at the front counter upon check-in.  Your guest must be 14 years of age or older.



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